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THE CORD by DPA solves one of the most fundamental problems contaminating music: Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

RFI is everywhere and it’s a monster. It comes from the circuits inside every electrical and electronic device in your home – and all the houses in your neighbourhood. Why is it a problem? Because it pollutes the electrical signal running through your home audio and cuts you off from getting every drop of sound out of your music. With households using more and more devices, it’s a bad problem that’s only getting worse.

At DPA, we harbour a certain obsession with RFI. We discovered a long time ago that the sound was better at different times of day, depending on how many people in your home and neighbourhood were using devices. Then we measured it and found – you guessed it – high levels of radio frequency interference. We realised we needed to get the RF pollution out of the electricity before we could get the full sound out of your music. So we designed THE CORD, which does the job better than anything else on the market because DPA are the only cable designers that test, measure and publish its results.

THE CORD is a cable, with connector and plug in combination, that reduces unwanted RF noise. It achieves this using a special high quality ferrite material combined with a polymer compound to produce a dielectric coating that converts RFI energy into heat.

Dave Clarke, DPA’s designer and company CTO said, “I have a many years of experience in both analogue and digital design and this give me a full understand of how RFI manifests degrades both the sound and enjoyment of music, it is a true monster that must be tamed.”

This special dielectric coating is extruded over the copper cores to produce a contiguous layer along the entire cable length and then the cores are insulated with a PVC jacket. Additionally, the 3 cores are wrapped and covered with a 100% coverage foil shield to provide further immunity to induced RFI noise from the outside environment that pollutes the cleaned line power. THE CORD is terminated with a female moulded IEC connector and a country specific plug (UK/ Schuko/NEMA), and unlike other cables is BSI approved.

Over conventional power cables, THE CORD gives a smoother and sweeter sound with better instrument separation and focus with a more natural and well balanced presentation because it acts as a low pass power filter, how do we know this – because DPA are the only cable designers that test, measure and publish the RFI reductions.

DPA has once again set new standards by delivering a Power Cable that really works a World beating Made in Britain product which I’m very proud of” announced CEO Adrian Walker.

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