Deltec Precision Audio

SA1 Stereo Power Amplifier




SA1 back panel


  • Emotional, musically satisfying reproduction
  • Unparalleled definition and musical performance
  • Fully regulated dual power supplies
  • Current Coupled Class A
  • Surface mount components
  • Unrivalled transparency
  • Hybrid voltage amplifier
  • Direct signal coupling


The DPA-SA1 embodies the philosophy of DPA. The SA1 is an exciting new Stereo Power Amplifier that is radical and innovative. We urge serious audiophiles to audition the SA1 and enter into this new realm of believability.  Every single component has been carefully considered and chosen for delivering the best performance.

At the heart of the DPA-SA1 Stereo Power Amplifier is the hybrid voltage amplifier – the DH-OA37, one per channel. This Thick film hybrid, designed and developed by DPA using a radical circuit architecture achieving a high gain bandwidth product compared to most amplifiers. This coupled with a highly linear open loop performance, virtually eliminates high frequency distortion giving an exceptionally smooth and treble quality.

The output stage in the DPA-SA1 uses Current Coupled Class A. This output stage topology offers a ten fold improvement in distortion by the use of a high speed Class A driver and current amplification circuitry. The loudspeaker output is via two WBT CE compliant binding posts per channel.  The power supply plays a crucial role in the sound quality performance of the power amplifier, particularly with the problems associated with playing back digital sources. The DPA-SA1 has RF filtering at every stage of the power supply including the output stage. A specially constructed screened audio grade low noise toroidal transformer is employed.

ma1 wbt terminals

Matching the performance achieved in the circuit design is also expressed in the creation of the enclosure. The softly contoured clean looking front panel of the DPA-SA1 is sculpted by precision machining from a solid billet of aluminium. The surface part is finished to a very high standard, which is then hand gloss painted and lacquered to a high luster. The fabricated envelope and chassis are accurately laser cut and folded. They are finished in a fine linished anodised satinwood black. The following technical specifications are given for convention reasons only.


Input Sensitivity: 1Vrms for 39Wrms output (Gain +25dB)
Power Output: >39W 8R, 72W 4R
Distortion: @ 1 KHz <0.005% @ 39WSA-1-pic-detail-OUTLINED
Damping Factor: >5,000 at terminals
Size:120x460x350 (HxWxD mm)

Product Information (pdf download)

DPA reserves the right to change any specifications without notice.