Deltec Precision Audio

CA1 Stereo Pre Amplifier



The DPA-CA1 embodies the philosophy of Deltec Precision Audio. It has taken years to develop, with the ultimate goal of bringing the emotion in music to the listener. The CA1 is an exciting new pre-amplifier that is radical and innovative. It represents a true breakthrough in subjective performance producing a level of transparency and warmth previously unavailable at any price. We urge serious audiophiles to audition the CA1 and enter into this new realm of believability. The only way to appreciate the performance of the DPA-CA1 is to listen to it and feel the difference. The DPA-CA1 sets new standards in precision electronics, sound quality and aesthetics.

All aspects of pre-amp design and construction have been carefully considered with no assumptions made, since everything can potentially degrade the music. Every single component has been carefully considered and chosen for delivering the best performance. The care and attention to detail is not exclusive to the circuit design alone as each pre-amp has been individually hand built by craftsmen. This gives a solidity of construction which is missing from mass produced hardware.
The DPA-CA1 is a minimalist pre-amp with the signal handling circuitry as simple and direct as possible. The CA1 has six line level inputs for sources, two record monitor outputs and two play monitor inputs. Dual outputs are available for bi-amping capability.

At the heart of the DPA-CA1 Pre Amplifier is a high performance Penny & Giles volume control and the hybrid voltage amplifier – the DH-OA37. This Thick film hybrid designed and developed by Deltec offers many sonic advantages over conventional circuitry. The hybrid circuit is physically much smaller than conventional PCB layout which allows RF filtering and decoupling to be closer to active components. This reduces parasitic effects on circuit performance which in turn leads to a smoother, sweeter sound quality. The use of the DH-OA37 improves matching between amplifiers and long term reliability. The Penny & Giles volume control provides excellent accuracy and channel matching.
The power supply in any pre-amplifier is of paramount importance and can have a dramatic effect on sound quality. A specially constructed screened audio grade low noise toroidal transformer is employed. RF decoupling and filtering techniques have been applied to the supply inputs and outputs resulting in a much sweeter, smoother more natural sound quality with better instrument separation and focus.

Matching the performance achieved in the circuit design is also expressed in the creation of the enclosure. The softly contoured clean looking front panel of the DPA-CA1 is sculpted by precision machining from a solid billet of aluminium. To compliment, shaped control knobs are equally precision machined from a solid rod of aluminium. The surface parts are finished to a very high standard, which are then hand gloss painted and lacquered to a high luster. This gives depth and presence to the CA1 that it rightly deserves. The fabricated envelope and chassis are accurately laser cut and folded. They are finished in a fine linished anodised satinwood black.  The enclosure is deliberately generously proportioned to allow the components space to breath and dissipate heat so that even after hours of listening at high levels the CA1 is still operating at its most optimum level of performance.


Inputs: Source and Monitor In ~0.5Vrms, 10K Ohm
Monitor Output: As source
Max Gain: 15.5dB full volume
Distortion: @0dB below -96dB
Size:460x100x350 (WxHxD mm)

Deltec CA1 Product Brief (pdf download)

Deltec Precision Audio reserves the right to change any specifications without notice.