Deltec Precision Audio

Performance Range

The Performance  range includes the CA1 Stereo Pre Amplifier, SA1 Stereo Power Amplifier, MA1 Mono Power Amplifier and PDM3 High Performance DAC plus Interconnects and Loudspeaker Cables. All of these products embody the philosophy of Deltec Precision Audio and it has taken years to develop, with the ultimate goal of bringing the emotion in music to the listener. They are both exciting new amplifiers that are radical and innovative and they represent a true breakthrough in subjective performance, producing a level of transparency and warmth previously unavailable at any price.


Front panel showing the monitor and input switches of the CA1 stereo pre ampifier

Switch gear on CA1 stereo pre amplifier

CA1 Stereo Pre AmplifierThe DPA-CA1 is a mini malist stereo pre amplifier with the signal handling circuitry as simple and direct as possible. The CA1 has six line level inputs for sources, two record monitor outputs and two play monitor inputs. Dual outputs are available for bi-amping capability.








The SA1 and MA1 share the same elegant and stylist enclosure


SA1 Stereo Power Amplifier
The DPA-SA1 embodies the philosophy of Deltec Precision Audio. The SA1 is an exciting new Stereo Power Amplifier that is radical and innovative. We urge serious audiophiles to audition the SA1 and enter into this new realm of believability. Every single component has been carefully considered and chose

n for delivering the best performance. At the heart of the DPA-SA1 Stereo Power Amplifier is the DH-OA3, a thick film hybrid voltage amplifier, designed and developed by Deltec. The DH-OA37 has been designed using radical circuit architecture achieving a higher gain bandwidth product compared to most amplifiers. This coupled with a highly linear open loop performance, virtually eliminates high frequency distortion giving exceptionally smooth treble qualities.



The PDM3 has been designed to keep the signal path as simple and direct as possible. Digital integrity is maintained by not using potentially corruptingup-sampling or DSP (Digital Signal Processing) before the converter. Following the converter our reconstruction filter is formed around our unique hybrid voltage amplifier. Together these enable the PDM3 to have exceptional transparency and instrument separation.