Deltec Precision Audio


DPA (Deltec Precision Audio) – Designers of inspired British home audio products

What inspires us? Simply put: music. We start with a love of music, and add to it our technical expertise and innovative design.

We divide our designs into three ranges: Minuet, Desire and Performance.

The Minuet range includes the DAC (digital analogue converter), the Disc (a vinyl phono stage), and the opportunity to upgrade with a power supply and mains filter.

The Desire range of cables have been specially designed to compliment the Minuet range.

The Performance range includes a pre amplifier, mono and stereo power amplifiers, the PDM3 DAC, and interconnect cables so good they’ve become the standard by which all other cables are judged

For over 20 years DPA has forged a reputation for world-class quality and innovation, evolving into a true icon. At the heart of our proud tradition are the countless satisfied Deltec owners around the world.

The path to ownership is easy. We like to engage directly with our customers, as we believe owning a DPA is the beginning of an ongoing relationship. Whether it’s sales, repairs, or just to talk shop, we are never far away and always happy to hear from you, our DPA owners.

At DPA, we love your music. Discover something better with us.